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Get in touch and let me know what I can do for you today.

Project Assessment

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Initial assessment at project site

$37.50 HST included.

Half price because of COVID -19

normally $75 HST included.

This takes about an hour and we get to meet and go over what the project is, estimate how much time it could take,

resources that we might need for your project and discuss potential

start/finish dates.

Cash or e-Transfers accepted.

Hourly Rate

Hour Glass

Hourly rate is $60.


Plus any other resources needed

upon approval from you

examples: large bins for

waste or storage, dumping fees

or organizing containers etc.


This pricing is per organizer as needed for the project.




Cash or e-Transfers accepted.

5 Hour Package

Folding Clothes

Package price is $250 for 5 hours. 

Cash or e-Transfers accepted.

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